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ESSEC Business School

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ESSEC Business School

ESSEC Business School is happy to consider applications for entry to its Bachelor Global BBA from students holding three strong Cambridge International A Levels and with an excellent academic record. Including mathematics in the choice of A Levels is highly recommended. The English test is not required if the candidate is a native speaker or if the last 2 years of their academic curriculum has been delivered entirely in English. With regard to the selection process, each part of a candidate’s application is taken into account. Shortlisted applicants will then be contacted to organise an interview, either in person on one of ESSEC’s campuses or via videoconference.

Applicants can choose to start the Global BBA program at one of ESSEC’s three campuses: the ESSEC France campus (Cergy-Pontoise), the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus (Singapore) or the ESSEC Africa campus (Rabat, Morocco).  Courses are taught entirely in English on the Asia-Pacific campus, in French on the ESSEC Africa campus, and in English or French on the France campus. They cover the same subject matter with a strong focus on the geographical environment.

The Global BBA program is the equivalent of a Master's Degree (M1) in Management (240 ECTS - European Credits) recognized by the French Ministry of Higher Education and worldwide. Full details of this unique 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration Program, its entry requirements and the application procedure can be found on ESSEC’s website at https://www.essec.edu/en/. Questions on the program and/or how to apply should be addressed using the information request form at https://info.essec.edu/BBA-ASTI-contact-request.html

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