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SDI München (University of Applied Languages)

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SDI München (University of Applied Languages)

SDI München (University of Applied Languages) is a unique university devoted to languages, and cross-culture / cross-media communication.

We warmly welcome applicants with Cambridge International AS & S Levels to join our multilingual and multinational learning community. Please note: required for most of our study programmes are 3 A Levels plus 1 AS-Level – language(s) a must - with subjects independent of one another and have general non-vocational content.

Full details of our degree programmes can be found on our website: https://www.sdi-muenchen.de/en/hochschule/

Even though we are small in size, or particularly since we are small in size, we take extra care of our students by offering a full and free recognition service of our own as well as by allowing for more time flexibility in the enrollment procedure.

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