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Institution Recognition Details
Universiti Malaysia Pahang

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Phone 1: +609 424 5268
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Recognition Details:

Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) welcomes students with Cambridge International AS and A Levels. Cambridge International AS and A Levels provide a reliable measure of a student's knowledge and skills in the subject studied and are recognised for the purpose of admission to the university.

UMP welcomes applicants with Cambridge A Level qualification for entry to its International Dual Degree Programmes. The university offer ranging from three collaboration programmes with universities from Germany which are Automotive Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering and Business Engineering. These programmes obtained two degrees that enable students to work with multinational companies worldwide.

Details of programmes offered, requirements, tuition fees and further information can be found at http://mid.ump.edu.my

For more information please contact intake@ump.edu.my

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