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Aarhus University

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Aarhus University welcomes applications from students holding Cambridge International AS & A Levels.

Students generally require at least nine subjects (IGCSE, AS and A Level) in six different subjects, three of which must be at A Level. 

Alternatively, the three A Levels can consist of two A Levels + two AS Levels or one A Level + four AS Levels.

If the prior learning is not based on the IGCSE system but for instance on the Danish lower secondary examination (folkeskolens afgangsprøve), admission is based on two subjects at AS Level and three subjects at A Level (in total, five different subjects). Subjects at A Level can be replaced by two subjects at AS Level; however, at least one subject must be at A Level.

Meeting the minimum entry requirements does not automatically guarantee a place on a chosen Bachelor degree programme. It is important to check any subject-specific or language requirements before submitting an application. You can find a list of offered Bachelor degree programmes here: http://bachelor.au.dk/en/

Full details of minimum grade requirements, prerequisite subjects and specific language requirements can be found by checking our University website: http://bachelor.au.dk/en/admission/admission-requirements/

Alternatively, please contact our Admissions office directly: ba.admissions@au.dk

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