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Swiss German University

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Swiss German University (SGU) welcomes students with Cambridge International IGCSE. Cambridge International IGCSE is recognised for admission to the programmes at SGU. The students need to have a Cambridge International IGCSE Certificate with all subjects minimum C. The students are required to take the Entrance Test at SGU. The mandatory subject on the certificate is Mathematics while some study programs require an additional correlating subject.

Indonesian students who took the IGCSE Qualifications must have Indonesian National Certificate (National Exam/UN or Paket C) to apply while the foreign students must have the Equivalency Letter of IGCSE.

Please contact the University for further details: https://www.sgu.ac.id

SGU was formed through a joint effort between Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the objective of bringing a strong international focus and promoting knowledge and technology in the higher education system of Indonesia. SGU has established partnerships with 17 universities and 250 companies spread around Europe that places the institution among the most successful universities with European connections. Ever since its establishment, SGU has been dedicated to delivering quality education in line with international standards and aims to develop skilled professionals that meet the demands of industry.

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