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Lahore University of Management Sciences

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Lahore University of Management Sciences welcomes students with Cambridge International A Levels. Cambridge International A Level is accepted as equivalent to UK A Level on a grade-for-grade basis.

Cambridge International A Levels provide a reliable measure of a student's knowledge and skills in the subject studied, are a reliable test of a student's problem-solving and critical thinking abilities and are reliable indicators of a student's performance.

LUMS is a world class academic institution with a proud history of achievement and ambitious future plans. As the years unfold, the university remains committed to offering new programmes in emerging fields for the youth of the region. The University is keen to attract students who are not only academically competent but also have the potential to contribute to the learning environment of LUMS. Admission in LUMS is purely on merit. Financial Aid is accessible to all. So far PKR 3.8 billion have been disbursed as financial aid since inception. We at LUMS believe that positivity, hard work & honesty can help our youth to go a long way.

Academic background

1. O Level results (in at least 6 subjects) with an average grade of at least "B" in all subjects attempted; Minimum subject requirement may vary regionally and can be checked by visiting the following link: http://www.ibcc.edu.pk/equivalence.php

2. A Levels in at least 3 principal subjects* with at least 2 Bs and 1 C grade. No credit will be given for Advanced Subsidiary and General Paper.

*For the School of Science and Engineering Admissions, principal subjects for A levels are Biology, Chemistry, Computing/Computer Science, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics.

If shortlisted, applicants who do not have their result of A Level final exam in three principal subjects at the time of applying are made a conditional admission offer. To join LUMS in Fall semester, applicants are required to meet all the stipulated conditions specified by the Admissions Committee.

Performance in the Admission Test

Redesigned SAT I is mandatory for all applicants applying to SDSB/MGSHSS/SAHSOL/SBASSE for LUMS UG Programme. The Essay component of the new SAT will be required for Fall applications. SAT I without Essay score will not be considered for admission.

In addition to SAT I, local applicants applying to SBASSE are required to take LUMS SBASSE Subject Test. However, overseas/international applicants are required to take at least 3 of the 4 SAT subjects listed below if interested to apply in SBASSE:

  • Biology-M
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics II-C
  • Physics

Along with other factors, Admissions Committee takes into account the subject grades received in Cambridge O Levels and A Levels exam, and the admission test score(s). The selection criteria vary from school to school to meet the need of each programme. Students seeking admission to LUMS are usually required to work on their academic scores along with preparation of the SAT 1 and SAT - Subject test(s)/LUMS SBASSE Subject test (if applying for the school of Science & Engineering)

For further information, please visit https://admission.lums.edu.pk/undergraduate-programmes

Message from the LUMS Vice Chancellor

"The start of an undergraduate study programme at a university is a big challenge for many students. Students need to be fully equipped with logical and analytical thinking capabilities in order to make the jump from school to university life. Cambridge qualified student usually perform well at LUMS, especially in the areas of reading, writing and presenting.

The Cambridge broad-based course structure prepares students for upcoming challenges. A wide variety of subjects gives students the freedom to choose interests of their choice and also compliments the model of LUMS undergraduate studies."

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