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We welcome applications from students holding Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Levels. Students must meet academic and English entry requirements for the Monash course to which they are seeking admission. Please refer to the Undergraduate Qualifications Database for individual Monash course entry requirements (Your qualification section - you must select the following: country: global, institution: secondary schools, type: Year 12 or equivalent, qualification: GCE A Levels): https://www.monash.edu.my/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/2000736/UndergraduateProspectus2020September2020.pdf (pg 77)

The calculation methodology for the GCE A Levels is as follows:

• Total score of a maximum of 3 A Level subjects taken in one academic year*.

• Two AS level subjects can be counted in place of one A level subject, provided that the subject has not been taken at A level, and there is at least one A level subject included in the calculation.

• AS Level results cannot be used to replace a poor performance in an A Level subject.

• Score A Level grades as follows: A*(a*) = 5, A(a) = 5, B(b) = 4, C(c) = 3, D(d) = 2, E(e) = 1, U = 0.

• Score AS Level grades as follows: a(a) =2.5, b(b) =2, c(c) =1.5, d(d) =1, e(e) =0.5, U = 0.

• N (Narrow failure) & U (Unclassified) not to be included in the calculation.

• A maximum of 1 bonus point is offered when achieving A* in an A Level Subject.

* One academic year may include more than one sitting, for example, June 2010 and January 2011 is acceptable but June 2010 and June 2011 is outside one academic year and is not acceptable.

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