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The University of Manchester

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The University of Manchester welcomes students with Cambridge International A Levels. The University of Manchester accepts International A Levels as equivalent to GCE A Levels and accept them on a grade-for-grade basis. We have no plans to change this in light of the planned reforms to International A Levels. We continue to view them both as excellent preparation and indicators of potential for progression to university study. When making an offer The University of Manchester would take into account the following facts. Cambridge International A Levels: are linear and therefore re-takes are only allowed for the whole subject provide a reliable measure of a student's knowledge and skills in the subject studied are a reliable test of a student's problem-solving and critical thinking abilities are reliable indicators of a student's performance

For more information about The University of Manchester and how to apply please visit  www.manchester.ac.uk


Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma

The University of Manchester welcomes students applying with the AICE Diploma and in making offers; the University will focus on the AS & A Levels taken within the AICE Diploma. It should be noted that whilst the Cambridge AICE will be viewed as meeting our general entry requirements, some courses have specific subject/grade/qualification size requirements (e.g. minimum of two A Levels) and students need to check the entry requirements for their chosen course. All applications are considered on an individual basis.

Any offers made would be dependent on the overall profile of the applicant and the decision depends on a number of factors. Admissions decisions are informed by a range of factors and the subject(s) studied by the applicant should be relevant to the particular degree course for which the applicant has applied. In many cases we expect candidates to offer other specific qualifications and/or to achieve specific levels of attainment in pre-requisite subjects, or units. In some cases, an interview will be required. Applicants should contact the academic School in which they are applying to for further information and clarification on the suitability of their individual level 3 qualifications portfolio.

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