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University of Sharjah and Cambridge International qualifications

An applicant who holds Cambridge International qualifications may be admitted if the following requirements have been met The applicant should:

• Provide proof of having successfully completed 12 years of schooling by the time they have finished their secondary education

• Have achieved at least the following grades:

  • 5 Cambridge O Level or Cambridge IGCSEs at Grade C or above plus 2 Cambridge International AS Levels at Grade D or above


  • 6 Cambridge O Level or Cambridge IGCSEs at Grade C or above plus one Cambridge International A Level at Grade E or above

• Have covered courses in at least four of the following areas of study: Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Fine Arts & Design and Languages.

• For an applicant to be considered as a graduate of the Science Track in secondary education, they must have passed at least two Science and Mathematics subjects at O Level or IGCSE and at AS Level or A Level. The following grades are required:

  • at IGCSE or O Level, Grade C or above
  • at AS Level, Grade D or above
  • at A Level, Grade E or above

• Applicants to the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy must have taken Chemistry and Biology courses at O Level or IGCSE plus at AS Level or A Level. The applicant must have achieved at least a Grade B at AS Level, or a Grade C at A Level, in one of these subjects. Please note: all students applying to the Medicine and Dentistry Colleges will be subject to further selection criteria based on academic competition amongst applicants depending on the regulations of the University.

• The UoS may award up to twelve (12) credits for students who have successfully achieved a Grade C or above in specific Cambridge International A Level subjects, and will be given Substitute Courses instead.

Full details of undergraduate programmes and entry requirements, including English language proficiency requirements, and admissions tests can be found on the University’s website at: http://www.sharjah.ac.ae/

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