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Cambridge International AS & A Levels

General access to higher education in Denmark requires a total of at least 9 subjects which can be composed of (I)GCSE, AS and A-Level qualifications.

The 9 qualifications must include 6 different subjects and at least 3 A-Levels. Please note that an A-Level subject may be replaced by 2 AS-Level subjects; however, at least 1 subject must be at A-Level.

Example: English Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Spanish at (I)GCSE-level (in total 6 subjects) and Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level (in total 3 subjects) or English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Spanish at GCSE level (in total 5 subjects), Spanish at GCE AS-Level (one subject) and Mathematics, Physics and Economy at A-Level (in total 3 subjects)

If admission to the AS and A-Levels is not based on the (I)GCSE system but for instance on the Danish lower secondary school-leaving examination (folkeskolens agangsprøve), the requirements for admission to higher education are the following: 2 subjects at AS-Level and 3 subjects at A-Level (5 different subjects in total).

General requirements

An A-Level subject may be replaced by 2 AS-Level subjects; however, at least 1 subject must be completed at A-Level.

Applicants must also meet all subject-specific requirements for their chosen degree course.

Please note that the conversion of grades from a national grading scale to the Danish 7-point grading scale is based on the total number of subjects taken, and not on the required number of subjects.

The subjects studied shall normally include Mathematics and English.

Decisions on admission are made by the higher education institutions based on the above requirements. 

Further information on admission to Danish higher education can be found on the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's website at https://ufm.dk/en/education/recognition-and-transparency/find-assessments/entry-to-higher-education and https://ufm.dk/en/education/recognition-and-transparency/recognition-guide/admission-he

The website, Study in Denmark, also provides key information on programmes taught in English as well as how to apply: http://studyindenmark.dk 

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